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We are so happy you are visiting our website to learn more about us.  We love creating memories for families and individuals and would love to learn more about your photography goals and how we can be a part of them!  Our passion is capturing that candid moment of authentic affection. 

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About Curtis

Hello there, my name is Curtis!  I am up before the sun comes out, and believe that our time on this wonderful planet is a gift. 


I have spent the better part of my life as a creative director developing marketing campaigns for both large and small companies.  After 20 years of inspiring the target audience to become a customer I have made the move to focus full time on photography.  My favorite part of being a marketer was inventing creative ways to reach the audience.  I keep this same approach with my photography and believe that photos are the best way to create a memory and inspire new ones.  

I love shooting family portraits and as you will soon discover, love to create and capture unique and beautiful moments.  

The Difference

- Why our photos stand out -

Our entire business is built on 3 principles, 1) Be client obsessed  2) Shoot for candid creativity, and  3) Never settle for anything less than extraordinary quality.  The consistent theme in feedback from our clients is that they love our creativity and natural presentation of our photography.  Photographs are the memories you get to keep forever and we love working with you to create those memories.


We're not here to create memories for ourselves but for you.  It's your story we're telling and your memories we are creating and our #1 priority is to ensure you get amazing photos that will provide a lifetime of joy.


Client Obsessed


Candid Creativity


This is difference between amateur and professional and what sets us apart. Every photo should tell a story and every pose should represent the vision you had when you first thought about booking the session.

When it comes right down to it, poor quality in your photos is just unacceptable.  We guarantee you'll be happy with your photos or your session is free, and we'll reshoot it.


Extraordinary Quality


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Mini Sessions

Mini sessions are a great way to get a handful of great photos of you and your family for a fraction of the cost.  You get the same quality and creativity as a normal portait session but for much less.